From Principal's Desk

“By working together mountains can be moved and momentous miracles can be made possible.”



Dear Parents,

As Leader in education, our role is to help build the leader of future. Our challenge as education is not simply to give students information but to teach them how to use it. We create a system with the best possible learning environment.
Our curriculum is such that meets the learning need of students of today and prepare them for tomorrow.The school should be a place that provides a simulating environment and style for the creative age of learning. We plan the curriculum activities in such a way that the students do not feel it was a burden.Here the teachers are well equipped with expertise of teaching and guiding the student towards a secure future. It’s our duty to ensure that our young learners are literate not only in books but literate in music, yoga and arts. Our goal is to help students to unlock the magic of lifelong learning.

From Chairmans Desk

Dear Parents,

NPS aims to provide an innovative environment to harness the energy of the educands and have to stay abstract with the latest trends in the field of technology .
Today we need technology and not technophobes for the society, hence in our school we are adopting modern techniques for educating our children. Our school is playing an important role in preparing the leaders of future.
We are determined to educate all the children so with that aim we are running this school With low free structure.we pledge to make our children digitally literate,creative, Communicative and social

“By working together mountains can be moved and momentous miracles can be made possible.”



Our Embelem

Symbolically impact the meaning collectively.

The lotus signifies the power to overcome the obstacles and adverse situation with dedication and will power.

The Book symbolizes the knowledge.

The Pen is a strong means of expression.

The Omkar represents that God is omnipresent and incarnation of all virtues. Thus we can gain knowledge by having faith in god.